My Magnetic Lashes Ragdoll Extended

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  • 1 Set of Magnetic Lashes, Ragdoll Version
  • 1 Small Makeup Remover & Exfoliant Cloth 

Ragdoll Extended contains 1 full set of magnetic lashes and 6 tufts which are used to anchor the top or bottom magnetic lash for an alternate, lighter look.
These Magnetic Lashes have a BENDABLE BAND, an important feature for a
natural look.
This Ragdoll Version - suggested for those with longer lashes, evening wear or a bolder look. Found in the Go Big or Go Home Set of My Magnetic Lashes.

Ragdoll Lashes: Wear on the end of your lashes and apply mascara to your inner lashes to blend.
Tufts: Use to anchor the top or bottom of the these lashes for a lighter look. Use the top of the Ragdoll Lash and anchor with a tuft on the ends of your lashes or add the bottom Ragdoll Lash in the centre of your eye, anchored with a tuft to have a lighter, full look. * ( we give you 2 extra tufts)
We have solved the struggle when putting on My Magnetic Lashes! Apply *My Magnetic Eyeliner to the area you want the lash to sit, wait for it to DRY completely then apply the lash or lashes.  You have the option to attach the bottom lash or just wear the top and/or bottom lashes on top of the magnetic eyeliner.
*My Magnetic Eyeliner sold separately
Remember: Magnets facing up go with magnets facing down.
Tip: Turn your head slightly to one side when applying My Magnetic Lashes.

INCLUDES: Washdolly Makeup Remover & Exfoliant Cloth (15x20cm)

Be sure to place the Washdolly Makeup Remover & Exfoliant Cloth below your application area to catch any fallen lashes. Once the lashes are put away in the provided packaging use the Washdolly cloth to remove your makeup with just water 💦.  If you need to exfoliate wring out water and use Washdolly in its damp form.  
  • reusable
  • exfoliates
  • practical gift
  • no stain barrier
  • 5 uses before laundry
  • Lasts about 1000 washes
  • 75% polyester, 25% polyamide
  • it feels extra amazing on your skin! ♥️

Exfoliate: use cloth in its damp form.

Usage: Wet cloth with warm water hold on eyes for a moment, (longer when taking off My Magnetic Eyeliner) gently wipe, turn cloth over to continues to wash face and neck.

Care: Rinse cloth with soap and water and hang to dry for next use. 

Wash Instructions: Wash in your washer and dryer but...NO hot water...because it will wear out faster. No fabric softener...because it may coat the van derr Waals Force.

My Magnetic Lashes washing instructions: Wet Washdolly cloth, place individual magnetic lashes on one side of the cloth. Fold cloth over and let sit for a few minutes. Mascara residue will transfer to the cloth. Gently wipe magnets against cloth for further cleaning if needed.

~Lifetime Warranty~

We will stand by our lashes! Any issues and we will replace them just email: 

NOTE *The colour of the Washdolly may vary due to changes in inventory.