Washdolly Sweat and Diffuser Towel

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  • What we love about it?  -  it is super, super soft!

  • What we think is super cool! - You can use it as a diffuser.

  • What is the BONUS?  -  Enteric Relaxation Practice.

  • What is perfect about it?  -  The size, 12x30 inches.

  • What is it made of?  -  40% Bamboo Charcoal, 50% polyester, 10% polyamide.

  • What else?  - Comes with an awesome reusable bag that has 2 clips. Clip it to the outside of your workout bag.

  • What we learned about it?  -  You can use it everyday to work-out or work-in.

How does it work as a Diffuser?

~Due to the pours nature of the bamboo charcoal this towel can be used as a diffuser with your favourite essential oils~



  • Naturally absorbs odor.
  • Can be used to defuse your favourite essential oils because of the pours nature of the Bamboo Charcoal fibre.
  • Four times more absorbent than cotton towels. 
  • Extremely soft, durable and resistant to piling and shrinkage. 
  • Sensitive skin approved due to no dyes and it inhibits bacterial metabolism causing fewer allergic skin reactions than other fibers sterilized with antimicrobial agents.
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