Introducing the ultimate bath time solution for all parents!

Introducing the ultimate bath time solution for all parents!

Where was this towel when my kids were babies???

With Alexa, my first born, she loved the water but screamed the second she hit the cold air, and it took awhile to settle her down.  She was so small and I was scared I'd drop her.  For this reason, I dreaded bathing her. Thankfully, my mom stayed with me for the first few weeks and gladly took over this nightly scream session. After awhile you just accept their discomfort, repeat under your breath, "don't drop the baby, don't drop the baby", and do your best to try to warm up the bathroom or have towel close by. I would have loved a newborn hands-free baby towel.

Bath time is suppose to be a fun and bonding experience for parents and their little ones, but as you can see it can also be stressful and challenging, especially for new parents. Babies are slippery and wiggly, which can make it difficult to keep them safe and warm when removing them from the tub, baby bath or sink. Do people still wash their babies in the sink?  I have a flash bulb memory of washing Mckenzie, my second oldest, in the kitchen sink while I experienced the house shaking, my first mini earthquake. Otherwise, I may have denied sink washing due to selective memory. Having a hands-free towel would have been,  for lack of a better word, a Godsend! The Washdolly hands-free is super soft and luxurious but let's put that aside and explore the benefits of using it.

  1. Keeps your hands free

One of the biggest advantages of a hands-free baby towel is that it allows you to keep your hands free and clothes dry during bath time. This means you can focus on washing your baby and keeping them safe, rather than struggling to hold a towel while also trying to handle a slippery baby. You can use both hands to hold your baby securely, making bath time a much safer and more comfortable experience for everyone involved.

  1. Provides warmth and comfort

This towel snaps around your neck like a bib, with the towel part hanging down in front of you to wrap around your baby. This design helps to keep your baby warm and snug after lifting them from the tub, which can be especially important in colder months. Plus, the soft, absorbent material of the towel provides a cozy and comfortable surface for your baby to rest on, just unsnap when placing them down.  This can help soothe them after a bath eliminating a scream session.

  1. Makes bath time easier and quicker

Some babies dislike bath time. For that reason a hands-free towel makes bath time quicker and more efficient. With both hands free, you can stay dry and wash your baby more thoroughly and quickly, which means you can get them out of the bath and into warm clothes sooner. Plus, the towel's design makes it easy to wrap your baby up and dry them off quickly, without the need for multiple towels or extra hands. On the other hand, if your baby enjoys the bath you can focus in the moment and not worry about the task of taking them out.

  1. Grows with your baby

Another benefit of this hands-free baby towel is it's large size. As they grow and are able to climb out of the tub it will be their "go to"  towel.  Right after they hit that cold breeze when emerging from the tub your child will enjoying a complete warm and cozy feeling.

This is a bath time game-changer for parents looking to make bath time safer, more comfortable, and more efficient. By keeping your hands free, providing warmth and comfort, the option to making bath time quicker, and a towel that grows with your child, this hands-free baby towel can help make bath time a stress-free and enjoyable experience for both you and your little one. 

I am so very thankful I will have this for when my grandchildren arrive.


 Washdolly's Hands-Free Baby Towel not just for babies

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