Washdolly Science



Washdolly is a microfiber cloth made of two synthetic polymers: 75% polyester and 25% polyamide. Polyester likes to bind to fat, which is why the cloth works well to wipe away grease and dirt without using chemicals. The clever production technique increases the surface area of the long, tiny fibers. Polyester and polyamide are arranged as alternating wedges (see microscopic photo) that are split up by high-pressure jets which create many extremely fine fibers. When water is applied to the cloth, it is stored between the pores of the fiber rather than binding directly to them. The result is a much faster drying fabric. Microfibres are able to attach themselves to the tiniest microscopic dirt particles because of a microscopic adhesive force between microfibers and dirt scientifically known as van derr Waals force. Johannes Diderik Van derr Waals was a Dutch chemist (1827-1923) who won the Nobel Prize for discovering this force, which explains why geckos can walk on walls and ceilings - they use the thousands of tiny hairs on the bottoms of their toes that are able to grip the surface.

Result: This sticky force attracts dirt and grease with millions of microfibers in this highly porous material with a large surface area that fits in the palm of your hand, removes your makeup with ease while cleaning your face, grips boogies and is gentle on skin.


Washdolly Sweat

~Work out and Work in~

Washdolly Sweat is made of 40% Bamboo Charcoal fibers, 50% polyester & 10% polyamide.
Some benefits for having some Bamboo Charcoal fiber in your workout towel are as follows:
  • Bamboo charcoal fibers have the property of far-infrared radiation which has great health benefits. These rays emitted by the bamboo charcoal are able to penetrate through your skin, dislodge toxins and stimulate the water molecules in their path thus promoting better blood circulation, increase cellular energy, and promote and improve body metabolism. Another reason to drink lots of water after a workout or relaxation practice.
  • Amazing absorption and deodorizing abilities – Bamboo charcoal fabric is highly porous which enables it to absorb high amounts of moisture, but can also absorb chemicals and toxins from your skin and the air. The elimination of odours is a plus as well.
  • Antimicrobial and Antibacterial Fabric– Bamboo Charcoal fiber effectively decomposes the micro-organisms attached to its surface and in the air around it.  Bamboo has natural antibacterial qualities. This charcoal knit fabric has resistance to the development of mold and mildew. In addition to being antibacterial bamboo charcoal is also antimicrobial. Antimicrobial fabrics kill microorganisms that could be present on your skin.

Enteric Relaxation Practice

Enteric: You place your hand over your stomach because bringing your focus to the second brain is a creative way to relax.  There are 500 million neurons that are embedded in the lining of the gastrointestinal system beginning in the esophagus and extending down to the colon which is known as the enteric nervous system. Your stomach and brain communicate on regular bases and your thoughts can control the stress in your life so adding some relaxation in the mix can keep your stress hormones that damage your cells at bay.

Relaxation: The left brain lights up 💡 when you are analyzing and thinking logically or objectively while controlling the right side of your body. The right side of your brain lights up 💡 when you are thinking creatively, intuitively and subjectively but controls the left side of your body. Since your brain and body is a two-way street you can influence your brain through movement.  The orange sun  ☀️represents joy, enthusiasm, and creativity promoting a general sense of wellness. So by closing your eyes to block out distraction, imaging an orange sun and stimulating the movement of your LEFT-hand helps you reach optimum relaxation. The mantra of "be at rest", breathing and counting, the softness of Washdolly Sweat Towel and the attention on your stomach helps to eliminate thoughts that get in the way of relaxing. Your goal is to have the mantra and movement and thoughts fade away.

Practice: Practice does make perfect but it only takes 15 min a day. Once you get the hang of it you will enjoy it and do it twice, maybe for longer. Also, the more you practice you will begin to associate the towel with comfort and relaxation so just holding the towel will bring you these feelings. 

Benefits: When you don't release stress hormones your cells are healthier.  When you stop thinking your mind and body acts or performs naturally which is naturally good. This can also improve your emotions which is in line with our feel-good intentions here at Washdolly.