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Welcome to Washdolly, all of our products reduce disposable waste or add to the world of softness. You'll find that you'll use them everyday!

  • Something borrowed something blue.

    We added an extra small organza bag for the Bride so you can add something borrowed.

  • My Magnetic Lashes 9-5

    Accent lashes are a fun way to add to your personality. Drape them magnetically across your lashline to further enhance your look!

  • Bow Wow Puppy Towel

    Puppies have many needs and a multi-purpose puppy towel is the solution to dirty paws, drying after a bath and caring or cuts and rashes.

  • The Gift of Washdolly

    Due to our customers need to share them with family & friends lots of effort goes into our unique packaging so that each product can be given as a gift without any boxes or gift bags. Our packaging can be used to re-gift or other uses.