Make feel good moments part of everyday!

With Washdolly we make you feel so good when you wash your face and save you money on facial cleansers. We make it easy to lift your baby from the bath and sooth their plugged nose. We keep spots and spits off your glasses, your puppies happy and we bring subtle beauty to your eyes.

We don't scream from the mountain top, "reduce disposable waste!" We just smile as you enjoy and share our products with your family and friends.  Although, we have been known to sneak up to the mountain top and yell "yippee."

Don't let smudges blur your view! Our cleaner keeps your lenses looking brand new.

With the Washdolly White say goodbye to blurry vision and smudged screens. Experience the satisfaction of a streak-free shine every time.

Free Scrunchie!
Washdolly Snow Gold with Ballet Charm small

Ballerina Dance Washdolly

On this snow gold organza bag a Ballerina charm is pinned to the top. Dance Washdolly was created by a Dance Teacher for all dancers.

I know a Dancer!

Bow Wow Puppy Towel

Discover the power of bamboo for your dog's grooming routine. Our soft and absorbent towel is ideal for quick drying, wiping muddy paws, and comforting your furry friend. A must have for every dog owner!

Comes with durable reusable mesh bag for carrying treats, leash and dog waste bags.

Bow Wow

Magnetic Accent Lashes

Picture-Perfect Results!

Get ready to slay every selfie and special occasion with our Magnetic Accent Lashes. Your lashes will be the envy of all, with a flawless, camera-ready finish.

6 Styles!
  • Wedding Washdolly with wedding dress pouch

    Something borrowed something blue.

    Surprise the bride with a practical and sentimental gift that will make her feel truly special. Our blue makeup remover and exfoliant cloth is packaged in a way that reflects the magic of her wedding day. With an additional pouch for something borrowed, a heartfelt note, or a small memento, it's a thoughtful gesture that will bring a smile to her face.

  • Black Satin Bull Charm Edition

    Pamper yourself or someone special with our indulgent makeup remover and exfoliant cloth, beautifully enclosed in a black satin gift bag. The black and white bull charm serves as a symbol of strength and beauty, making it a meaningful and practical gift for any skincare enthusias

  • The Gift of Washdolly

    Due to our customer’s need to share them with family & friends lots of effort goes into our unique packaging so that each product can be given as a gift without any boxes or gift bags. Our packaging can be used to re-gift or other uses.