Create a Washdolly Smile

Sometimes it's the smallest convienences that creates a smile.

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Wet this cloth and it removes all your makeup and exfoliates, over and over! But wait there's more...

With Washdolly we make you feel so good when you wash your face, we make it easy to dry off your baby from the bath and sooth their plugged nose, we keep spots and spits off your glasses, your puppies happy and we bring subtle beauty to your eyes. We don't scream from the mountain top, "reduce disposable waste!" We just smile as you enjoy and share our products with your family and friends.  We have been known to sneak up the mountain and yell "yippee."

  • Something borrowed something blue.

    We added an extra small organza bag for the Bride so you can add something borrowed.

  • My Magnetic Lashes 9-5

    Accent lashes are a fun way to add to your personality. Drape them magnetically across your lashline to further enhance your look!

  • Bow Wow Puppy Towel

    Puppies have many needs and a multi-purpose puppy towel is the solution to dirty paws, drying after a bath and caring or cuts and rashes.

  • The Gift of Washdolly

    Due to our customer’s need to share them with family & friends lots of effort goes into our unique packaging so that each product can be given as a gift without any boxes or gift bags. Our packaging can be used to re-gift or other uses.