My Magnetic Lashes

Version: Ragdoll

...coming in October


"I am amazed by how it cleans makeup off with just water. I have never liked using makeup remover products. After using the cloth my face feels clean and refreshed."

~Jenny Anderson Cherviakoff

Love my Washdollies! So Soft and takes of ALL makeup!! Even takes off my LipSense.

Kayley Strachan

"OMG!!! It really works, no soap, no scrubbing, just wash your face with the Washdolly and all of your make-up and oil/dirt are gone! It even worked with mascara and didn't leave me looking like a racoon!! took all of my makeup off WITH JUST WATER!! Love, love, love the product."

Nicole St. Laurent

Love this Washdolly. It's so good. I like the softness and how it takes the Makeup off.

Trish Yasinski

Baby Boogie Butler