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Washdolly is a Canadian owned and operated business that was established in 2015. 


Washdolly makeup remover and exfoliation cloth is a reusable face cloth that feels amazing and frees up time in your morning and evening washroom ritual. There is a trend of not putting chemicals on your face to remove makeup. This cloth replaces disposable wipes and liquid makeup removers that contain chemicals and leaves behind a residue. Lets reduce some plastic.

My Magnetic Lashes are also reusable and an alternative to glue.  We offer different looks because we are all different but love our lashes.  My Magnetic Eyeliner help you apply the lashes with ease! We named the different lashes after cats, so many to choose from.

The Baby Boogie Butler grips boogies and is gentle when wiping noses. When caring for your babies it is comforting to know that there is a reusable product that will remove stubborn boogies and stop soreness when you have to keep wiping those runny noses over and over again.

Washdolly Sweat is a towel dedicated to capturing your sweat.  It's bamboo composition offers many positive qualities that compliment it's extra soft and absorbent texture. We added a bonus Enteric Relaxation Practice to encourage you to chill.

Washdolly is dedicated to encouraging a lifestyle of beauty and wellness while working in complete harmony with the environment. We are proud to support our community and look forward to helping you reach your fundraising goals.  


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