Twitter Story

A mother was washing her face with her five-year-old daughter in the washroom. She noticed her daughter staring at her and said, "this is a magic cloth. When you wash your face say...I love you." The little girl laughed and said, "I love mommy." The mother corrected her daughter and said, "no, you look in the mirror and say, I love Tia." After handing the little girl the magic cloth Tia looked into the mirror, laughing, and repeated, "I love Tia."

The next night while the mother was reading the little girl a story, Tia jumped out of bed with excitement and said, "I forgot to wash my face with the magic cloth." She rushed to the washroom to look for the Washdolly. The mother could hear her daughter repeat, "I love Tia..."

Turns out the cloth was not magic -- it was just infused with good intentions to help you remember how amazing you are.

...true story.