My Magnetic Lashes Persian Extended

My Magnetic Lashes Persian Extended

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  • 1 Set of Magnetic Lashes, Ragdoll Version
  • 6 Tufts

Persian Extended contains 1 full set of magnetic lashes and 6 Tufts which are used to anchor the top or bottom magnetic lash for an alternate, lighter look. 

Who are they for? - suggested for those with shorter lashes and for daily wear.  Found in the 9-5 Set of My Magnetic Lashes.

Persian Lashes: Wear on the end of your lashes and apply mascara to your inner lashes to blend.
Remember: Magnets facing up go with magnets facing down.
Tip: Turn your head slightly to one side when applying My Magnetic Lashes.
Be sure to place the Washdolly below your application area to catch any fallen lashes.  Use it also to catch fallen lashes when you remove your lashes as well. Once the lashes are put away in the provided packaging, use the Washdolly cloth to remove your makeup and/or exfoliate with just water. 💦  

  • My Magnetic Lashes washing instructions: Use spray peroxide and/or wipe gently with a wet Washdolly cloth.  For excess build up of mascara on the lashes and magnet,  place inside a wet Washdolly cloth and let sit before wiping.
*Washdolly cloth sold separately 


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