Significance of a Washdolly Moment


...wet with warm water & place on face.

Sometimes you get great ideas when you feel something is missing or you think that you can fix something.  Other times you see a great idea and you build on it to make it your own.  The exciting thing is ideas lead to new ideas and what a thrill ideas can be. They can lead to motivating your creativity, draw you down a new path, catch the attention of those in your inner and outer circle, make you more money, introduce you to more people and help you to realize things about yourself that you never knew. 

Washdolly was an idea that was built upon.  We made the makeup remover cloth colorful, soft and unique to a specific niche (Dancers).  Beyond it's physical properties Washdolly has a message, an intention or a wish.  At the end or beginning of a day, if you have ever tried a Washdolly when you wet it with warm water and place it on your face it feels so good.  The warm water the softness of the cloth just for a moment in time it is our wish that you embrace that feel good moment. When you feel good nothing gets in your way.  We all seem to lead very busy lives, ups and downs wondering how time flies so quickly.  Washdolly was made to fit into you busy life style, that moment, a few wipes and your off.  It is kind of like those scenes in a movie where they add a slow motion segment to amplify a thought or emotion.  If you look into your memories what is your most resent slow mo?  Perhaps if you embrace the slow mo with Washdolly it will remind you to add a few more to your days.

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