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Black Satin Bull Charm Edition Large

Black Satin Bull Charm Edition Large

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2x, Large PURPLE, 30X30cm cloths in a BLACK SATIN gift bag.

Packaged in a Black Satin Gift Bag with a Bull Charm.

Makeup Remover Cloth,  just add water!  Exfoliates when cloth is damp!

Create memorable gifting experience for your favourite dancer with this makeup remover and exfoliant cloth that stands out in terms of quality and packaging. It will leave a lasting impression on both you, the gift giver and the receiver.

It demonstrates a level of care and thoughtfulness in selecting a distinctive and useful gift. 

  • practical gift
  • no stain barrier
  • fantastic for travel
  • 5 uses before washing
  • It feels amazing on your skin
  • Reusable, lasts 1000 washes

 Material: 75% polyester, 25% polyamide

Facebook Review 

"Washdolly is a lifesaver! Whether you want to freshen up or take off your makeup for the day, Washdolly is the only product to use. One of my favourite products!"

Michelle Weaver

February 8, 2020

Washing instructions

Washdolly material: Wash in cold water : Do not use fabric softener : Hang to dry.

My Magnetic Lashes: Wet Washdolly cloth, spray lashes with peroxide, lay them in between cloth for 5 minuets. Gently wipe magnets with cloth to remove extra mascara.

Magnetic Lashes

How to use Washdolly Makeup Remover Cloth

Wet cloth with warm water, place on eyes for a moment, gently wipe, turn cloth over and wipe face and neck. Wring out cloth. Use damp to exfoliant.

Rinse with soap and water then hang for for next use.

We recomend using up to 5 days before putting in the wash.

Makeup Remover & Exfoliant Cloths

How to use Bow Wow Puppy Towel

Use to wipe dirty or wet paws, a soft towel to lay in the car, wipe goo from eyes, care for injuries, dry off after a bath and to comfort from thunder or fireworks.

Bow Wow Puppy Towel

How to use Washdolly White Lens & Screen Cleaner

No need to wet cloth just wipe directly on lens or screens.

Washdolly White

How to Use My Magnetic Lashes

Magnet facing down goes on the top corner of your lashes. Magnet facing up goes under your top lashes beneath the top one.

Apply mascara above and below upper lashes.

Turn your face to the side when appling the top and bottom lashes.

Make sure you have a towel below your work space to catch fallen lashes.

My Magnetic Lashes

How to use Booyah Hands-free Baby Towel

Secure snap around your neck. Your hands are will be free to pick up your baby from the tub. Wrap the towel around them for cuddles and warmth.

Booyah Hands-free Baby Towel

How to use Baby Boogie Butler

When your baby has a runny nose, gently squeeze and wipe away mucus. Rinse out cloth and repeat. This prevents soar nose and you are able to grap stubborn boogies as well.

Baby Boogie Butler


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Why Washdolly?

When you look up the history of washing up pops washing dolly, a tool used over and over again to make it easier to clean clothes. Washdolly, a cloth you use over and over again to make it easier to clean your face and remove makeup, with just water 💦