In the House of Washdolly we think of You First, Washdolly Second.

 We are excited to get to know you! 

Make some extra money,  in you own time,  at your own speed,  with our own personality and enjoy yourself while you do it!  No pressure, no worries it's all about you. We have a unique approach to selling our enjoyable, everyday, reusable products.



How much money can I make?

  • 30% online sales.
  • 40% in-person sales.
  • 10% of the total sales when you find and oversee a fundraiser.

Do you have a starter kit?

  • Yes, you can choose your starter kit.  We will send you the link.

Can I return the stock that I purchased to sell in-person?

  • Absolutely, as long as you pay for the shipping and they are in unopened, sellable condition.

How does it work? 

  • We create a Me First Website for you, give you your own trackable coupon code and great tips on bring in some extra cash.  The rest is up to you :)

We want to get to know you, provide training and help you with your sales.  It's all about you first and Washdolly second.  When you are part of the Washdolly's Inner Circle who you are is our success. Share your thoughts, moments, friends, family or teach us something new.

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