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Questions you have asked:


How do you use Washdolly cloths?

Can I return my Washdolly cloth?

  • Yes, Washdolly has a 100% money back guarantee. Just fill out a short form and  we will refund your money.

What are the washing instructions for the cloth?

  • Do not wash in hot water.

  • Do not wash with fabric softener. 

How long do Washdolly cloths last?

  • If you follow the washing instructions and wash them no more than twice a week they will last approximately 1000 washes. 

Do Washdolly cloths stain?

  • Washdolly cloths work amazingly well on mascara, but if you don't rinse your cloth with a little hand soap before wringing it out and hanging it to dry, it may stain. It only takes moment, and kept us from having to add stain repellant to the cloth.

Am I eligible for wholesale status?

Can I be a part of your social media?

  • Yes, of course! We would love for you to send us photos of your store and Washdolly customers. Send them to Washdolly@gmail.com. We will always ask your permission when we take your photos.

If you have any more questions let us know below: