My Magnetic Lashes

My Magnetic Lashes

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My Magnetic Lashes contains 2 different version. 
The Persian Version - suggested for daily wear
The Ragdoll Version - suggested for evening wear
You also recieve a Large 30x30cm Washdolly

We strongly recommend that you read our BLOG before you purchase My Magnetic Lashes. 

You will want to place the Washdolly below your application area to catch any fallen lashes.  Use it also to catch fallen lashes when you remove your lashes as well. Once the lashes are put away in origional packaging use the Washdolly cloth to remove your makeup with just water. Rinse, hang to dry and reuse with next application. 

Washdolly Washing instructions: Regular wash, no fabric softener not hot water.

Magnetic Lashes washing instructions: place lashes in small dish with a little water and dish soap, let soak for about 5 min, air dry.  If you have lots of mascara build-up on magnet, wet Washdolly and gently wipe magnet across cloth.