Dance Washdolly "Thank You" Edition

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Because you love to give Washdolly as a gift, we have packaged the Dance Washdolly in a "Thank you" organza bag.

Surrounded by gold roses you will find the words "Thank you" and 

"Terima Kasih" translates to an expresses of gratitude in the Malay Language.  

This Dance Washdolly reuseable makeup remover and exfoliant cloth, with the help of warm water, is the only thing you need to take off your makeup, remove your dead skin barrier and clean your face!

Perfect for travellers! 

Dries quickly for storage and transport. You can use our breathable packaging to store in  your suitcase.

Perfect for corrections!  

Smaller size makes it easy to correct your makeup slips.

Extremely perfect for Dancers!

Removes that extra stage makeup with ease! 


Washdolly feels so good!

There is a trend of not putting chemicals on your face and participating in environmental thoughtfulness by reducing disposable waste. 

Face Cleansing Instructions:

Wet Cloth 
Hold on face (hold longer for heavier makeup)
Wait a Moment 
Gently wipe makeup into cloth then turn cloth over and continue to wash face.

Rinse with soap and water 
Wring and hang to dry for next use.

Washdolly lasts about 1000 washes!  

Care Instructions:

Wash in washer and dryer but avoid hot water and fabric softener.


We can package any Washdolly of your choice in the "Thank You" bag upon request.