Baby Boogie Butler Mini (5 pack) GREEN

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Does your baby have a plugged or runny nose?

The Baby Boogie Butler grips stubborn boggies a.k.a. mucus and helps to prevent sore and dry skin resulting from continuous wiping.

The cloth is small and extremely soft so when you wipe your baby's nose they don't feel overwhelmed especially if you approach them below their chin.

It is van derr Waal's force which helps to grip the boogies for easy removal. 

For best results wet the Boogie Butler.

It lasts about 1000 washes.

Care Instructions:

No fabric softener...because it may cover magic grip.

No hot water... because they will wear out faster.

Our packaging is perfect for gift giving and traveling.

We care about the environment and encourage you to keep the packaging for various uses.

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