Why use a Baby Boogie Butler?

Why use a Baby Boogie Butler?

What can you use when your baby has a plugged nose?

5 Baby Boogie Butlers

You may relate to being a digger!  You may relate to being an "over-wiper."  Your baby has a plugged or runny nose. What do you do?  When I had babies, and they had runny and plugged noses I was a constant wiper and digger which caused them stress. They would always turn away with a distasteful noise and look.  I would go in quick and hard for that plugged boogie thinking the discomfort would last less than a second and that was ok. I wiped lots and accepted the dry sore skin under their nose. At that time they came out with a lotion tissue but for some reason that didn't appeal to me.  I think that my younger self would have loved the Boogie Butler. A small, super soft cloth that gips boogies, prevents dry, sore nose and they don't fight it? Really? YES! One negative is having to make more of an effort to rinse the cloth but I think I would have welcomed and gotten use to that. I was slow on the reusable train because retrospectively I didn't recycle or give any thought to the whole topic. Fast forward to the present, I am riding the train daily with other Washdolly products and feeling great about it. The Baby Boogie Butler would definitely be a baby staple for me now.

~ Why does it work so well? ~

The grip of Boogie Butler is based on van derr Waals force. Van derr Waals was a Dutch chemist (1827-1923) who won the Nobel Prize for discovering this force. This force together with its softness offers other helpful uses for your baby. Lets look at a few our customers have shared.

  • wiping baby's bottoms when they have red, hot diaper rash.
  • cold or hot compress for baby ailments which may include a blocked tear duct, bumps and bruises or fevers.
  • in the bath.
  • a comfort cloth.

~ Pretty packaging ~

We specifically packaged the cloths in reusable packaging to make them mobile and pretty so you can give them as a baby gift. You can also use to store other items or re-gifting.

 Baby Boogie Butler Package

The pretty packaging consists of ribbon, organza and plastic. It can be use to store other items like hair accessories, crayons, barbie clothes or mini cars. You can get really creative by re-gift the packaging by filling it in the winter with candy canes, and in the spring with seeds. All of our packaging at Washdolly is created for other uses. The amount of packaging that goes into the garbage is extreme. We wanted to avoid that practice and continue to create attractive packaging that have other uses. We really enjoy getting photos and examples of the new uses our customers are exploring.

 ~ Texture has benefits ~

One exciting benefit of the Boogie Butler is its appealing texture. If a mother introduces the cloth at a young age, babies, as they get older, wipe their own nose because they  love the texture.  So they are preventing sore dry skin, learning to safely dig and doing their part. Each generation is getting better when it comes to caring about the environment. They haven't master the gripping and removing of the stubborn boogie....yet...I would imagine that will come.

~ What our customers are saying ~

"I used the Baby Boogie Butler today. My baby has a blocked tear duct or something going on, her eye has been weeping and crusting since yesterday. I get the tiny cloth wet with hot water. Clench it in my hand (it fits nicely) until we're settled comfortably in our chair by then the cloth is nice and warm.  While I nurse her she lets me leave the cloth over her eye like a warm compress. When we're done nursing I use the cloth  to clean everything in a couple wipes.  Then after I used it to pull out some fairly deep boogies.  I love ❤️ the size! Even for just wiping her face when she is covered in drool or milk."


"They are game changers! When my girls are super sick and have runny noses, they are super soft when wiping these chronic runny noses. My girls actually love them. They wash/rinse really well and come with a water-proof-bottom carrying case that has a and mesh top. I can easily throw them in the diaper bag. I prefer to use them damp. Sound as gross as it is it really grips the "boogies" and gets them all off/out. Way softer and more gentle than Kleenex."


~ Care instructions ~

Wash and dry with no hot water and no fabric softener. It lasts for 1000 washes which works out to be about a year and a half.
When you purchase a Baby Boogie Butler you receive: 5 small (11x11cm) cloths in reusable, pretty packaging.
You shift you shine 🌟
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