If you have a baby in your life this is a MUST HAVE!

If you have a baby in your life this is a MUST HAVE!

With our unique material we have been thinking of adding a hands-free baby towel for a while now.  Our first sample arrived and we love it! We think you will love it too but due to supply and demand this may or may not be the only time you will have a chance to buy one.  
Here are some awesome features that explains why we love it:

✔️ Super soft and luxurious

thought~ I can't stop feeling it!

✔️ Oversized - 150 x100 cm

thought #1~ there is something satisfying about a BIG towel. 

thought #2~ it's great that this towel will be big enough to use as they get bigger.

✔️ Hands-Free feature so the moment between warm water and warm towel is short.

thought~ I always disliked when my babies cried at that moment in between.

✔️ Charming design

thought~ The ivory colour goes so nice with the champaign polka dot border.

✔️  Wonderful Baby Gift

thought~ I wish I was gifted this towel when my children were young. I guess I will have to wait to use it with my grandchildren...I can't wait!!!

You can get in on this pre-sale and help us out with our product research. 

We are ordering a few from our manufacture and invite you to order as well. 

Our expected shipment date is early July 2022.

If you have a baby, know someone who is having a baby or want to stock up on some baby gifts there is a short window to do so at a great price.

We are taking pre-paid orders up to MAY 9th, 2022

Retail Regular Price : $46.99

We do have a PICK UP option if you are LOCAL! 😀



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