Washdolly...great for goodbye tears

After 18 years...


My mind tells me that it is a natural thing that my child moves away and starts their own life. I did it and I remember being so excited for new adventure and freedom.  Driving away I did notice the look on my mom's face, she didn't cry in front of me but for a split second I felt the sadness.  I was moving to the city with my best friend what could be more exciting!

When I moved my daughter to school I felt like it was the most UNNATURAL thing that you raise a child from birth, they are with you every day and then they are not.  Saying goodbye, leaving them in a new world,  feeling their excitement and fear.  Bucket and buckets of tears mostly on the drive home.  For me it was one big emotional down pour,  then small out breaks when I meet her off the plane or go for a visit and have to leave again.  Oddly when she comes home for a visit and leaves I am just thankful for seeing her but there are no tears.  Perhaps after 4 years I am  still tearing over that first goodbye.  That achy heart feeling and adapting to the new dynamics in the home smooths out in time.  

So what is the Washdolly for?  

It is GREAT for goodbye tears.

1. Wet it with warm water to collect those buckets of tears.

2. It will muffle your wails if you are a wailer.  You don't have to hold back.

3. Hold it on you red and puffy face, it will feel good once you are nearing the end of your outburst.

4. Your makeup will be smeared all over your face, it will help with that as well.

What good becomes of this you may wonder?  An amazing relationship of appreciation!   You hear, "mom don't leave...". Get more hugs and get to have real conversations with that same child who putting it lightly drove you crazy...

NOTE : boys may be different.  Not the tears part but the crazy part.